Our Story

DH and I met in July 2005 at our church. Some of friends and I had recently started going to a new ward (congregation) of our church, and we ended up becoming friends with DH and some of his friends. We joke that DH  really had to work for me - he always wanted to be more than friends, while I was content to not have things go any further. Eventually I started to have a change of heart, and once we started dating, things moved really quickly. We were married in August 2006, and I can truly say that I married my best friend.

We started TTC in the fall of 2008. My first month without taking BCP was in November, and we found out that we were expecting on December 23, 2008. We shared the news with everyone on Christmas and were so excited to be parents! Unfortunately, when we went to our first prenatal appointment in late January, there was no heartbeat and our baby's growth was three weeks behind. I started spotting a few days later and had a m/c.

We started TTC again in March, hoping that we would see another BFP as quickly as soon as we saw our first one...no such luck. In April 2009 I signed up to participate in the EAGER study, where one of the nurses told me that about 80% of participants get pg during the course of  the study. Fast forward to October: no BFP in sight and I have to leave the study because we should have gotten KU by then. At that point, we started doing the basic IF testing, but everything came back normal. I went in to see my OB/GYN for an annual exam in January. She basically said to keep trying for CD 8 - 20, and if there was no BFP in three cycles, to call back and we would start doing IUI's. She blew off a lot of my questions, especially regarding my family history of repeat m/c, and I ended up deciding to go see an RE.

Our first visit to the RE was in March 2010. As soon as I mentioned that my mom was diagnosed with a chromosome translocation and had several m/c, the doctor thought that there was a chance that was our problem. He said it was probably greater than a 10% chance, so he recommended doing some chromosome karotyping bloodwork. Turns out,  I did inherit the problem. I have an interchromosomal insertion on my #5 chromosome. The outlook isn't too great...there is a chance that we could have biological kids if we do IVF with PGD, but it isn't guaranteed.

After a lot of thought and prayer, DH and I decided that we wanted to pursue adoption! I felt really excited and hopeful whenever I thought about it. I am so glad that I paid attention to those feelings, because on October 28, 2010, we were notified that we were chosed to adopt a baby boy. Our son, J, was born on November 8, 2010. We love him so much!

On December 23, 2010, I got a BFP! So far, things are going well, and we are looking forward to welcoming our sweet baby on September 2, 2011.