Friday, February 25, 2011

13 Weeks!...and Sleepless Nights

As of today, I am officially 13 weeks pg! It feels SO good to have made it this far and to be moving into the second trimester. I will not complain about leaving those first trimester symptoms behind! :)

So far, things seem to still be going well. I had to buy one of those belly bands because I only have one or two pairs of pants that will still button comfortably. I also noticed that many of my shirts have been starting to get snug. My friend recommended just ordering some shirts in a size bigger than what I normally wear, and that should tide me over until I am ready for maternity shirts. Silly me, I decided to just order some shirts and another pair of jeans from an online sale. I figured that since I was familiar with that brand of clothing and I was ordering a size that had always been too big, that I should be okay. Well, the clothes came in the mail, and the shirts either fit perfectly or on the verge of being too small! I won't get as much wear out of them as I had hoped. The jeans that I ordered fit perfectly around the waist, but are huge everywhere else. I am definitely NOT complaining because it is nice to know that the baby is growing, but I guess I didn't realize that I had grown that much.

Baby J is as cute as ever...I can't believe he is almost 4 months old! He is such a happy little guy. He recently discovered his feet, and he loves to play with them and roll over. I am pretty sure that he must be going through a growth spurt, though. He has been eating a ton more, plus he is no longer sleeping through the night. Before he would either sleep through the night, or at least sleep until 5:00 or 6:00, but go back to sleep as soon as he ate. Now, he gets up around 2:00 and will usually go back to sleep if you give him a pacifier. He then wakes up around 4:00 to eat, and then goes back to sleep. I know that isn't that bad, but it does make it hard when you are already so tired to begin with. DH is great at taking turns with me to get up with him, but I am looking forward to when he is sleeping for longer stretches again.


  1. Happy 2nd tri, that is awesome! Yea, I got into maternity shirts pretty quick because of this. But, you will be able to wear the bigger than normal clothes after delivery so you might get more wear out of them than you think.

  2. Yea to Second Trimester.

    Try feeding J some oatmeal before bed. It is a nice trick. It hopefully will tide him over until morning.

    Old Navy has great maternity clothing and they have really good deals online.


  3. Wow 2nd tri is fantastic! It must be hard to get up with J glad
    Dh is helping you. I am still wearing non-maternity gear, can get away with it in summer! I think spring is around the corner for you guys? So then you can rock some gorgeous dresses! Take care :)

  4. How great - 13 weeks!!! No, J's not bad - but when you're pregnant anything that disturbs your sleep (even if it's an adorable J) is hard.