Saturday, June 19, 2010

CD 1

Today is CD 1 - I was totally expecting it, but I will admit that part of me was hoping that I would be one of those girls who gets KU once they decide to pursue adoption. I had secret hopes in the back of my head that I would be able to give DH a BFP for Father's Day, but no such luck. :(

Speaking of Father's Day, the other night I asked DH if Father's Day is a hard day for him like Mother's Day is for me and so many other girls going through IF. He said no, not in the way that it is hard for him. He said he always thought he would have kids by now, but it isn't hard or painful. I am sure that it is hard for some guys who are going through IF, but I thought it was interesting how differently us girls handle the emotional aspect of holidays and milestones compared to men.

Earlier today, we went to a dinner party at our church. I knew that there would be several pg ladies there and lots of baby talk. I was a little nervous that I would end up feeling sorry for myself, but I did pretty well, even when a few of the ladies were talking about what they thought mine and DH's kids would look like when we ended up having kids. Of course, none of those ladies knows that we have been TTC for 20+ months now and that we are looking into adoption. DH and I just laughed and went along with the conversation anyway. Hopefully one day in the not too distant future I will have my own kid and can contribute to these types of conversations.


  1. You are so strong to go to those kinds of gatherings. I avoid pregnant ladies at all costs right now. Your unselfishness will make you a great mom! My DH said Father's Day wasn't hard for him either. Go figure. I think they don't obsess about it every second like we do.

  2. Strong, strong woman! I have a really hard time in situations like this where I know there will be a lot of baby chatter. I admire your attitude!!

    ICLW #154

  3. Visiting from ICLW- Congrats on beginning the adoption process. We are just about to start as well and it IS scary. I hope good things are in store for you soon.

    - Jess