Friday, June 11, 2010

Intake Appointment is in the Books!

DH and I just came home from our intake appointment with the adoption agency! It was pretty basic - the case worker asked us some pretty straightforward questions and then explained the process to us:

Next week, our information will go before a review panel to make sure that we meet all the requirements and that we aren't psycho or anything. We will also get a username/password so that we can start answering the more in-depth questionnaires and forms. Once our questionnaires are done, we will do our individual interviews with the case worker and then he will come out for our home study. There are also some classes that we need to attend in July. Shortly after that, we should get our official approval!

I feel really good about choosing this agency. There is a lot of work that goes into supporting birth moms, even if they choose to parent. Their failed match rate is pretty low - about only 1 in every 12 matches ends up failing after the match has been made.

I was a little nervous going into the appointment that it would be hard for me, but it was easy and comfortable. I had visions of me breaking down into tears and being all emotional, but I didn't cry once! It was a little harder for DH - I think it forced him to realize that this is real. He started to question whether we had exhausted our other options and whether we were the "perfect candidate". I reassured him that there are NO perfect candidates. I think it was really overwhelming for him, but in the end we ended up paying the $1000 deposit and moving forward.

I am really excited to keep moving forward! It is nice to feel like we are headed in the right direction and that I have a little bit of control of the process.


  1. Congrats on choosing an agency! My husband and I have just had our application approved at our agency and we are going to a workshop near the end of the month to get started with everything. Then it's the home study for us!

  2. Congrats! It sounds like a great plan.

  3. Congratulations on moving forward!

  4. Congratulations!! My husband and I are doing domestic infant adoption. We have been waiting 22 months.

    Visiting for the first time through ICLW. Glad I found you!