Monday, August 30, 2010

4 Years!

DH and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend, and I honestly can't believe that four years have already come and gone! It seems like just yesterday that we were just friends, hanging out with everyone else.

Our anniversary was a little low-key, but it was really nice that way. It made it easier to focus on each other and enjoy each other's company. On Saturday, we went out to eat at a restaurant called The Roof. It overlooks the place where we got married and offers a beautiful view of the city, which was nice and quite romantic. We had such a good time reminiscing about the past four years and sharing our hopes for the future. We both made comments about how even though our journey has been a little different than we thought it would be when we first were married, we are so grateful that we could share it with each other.

Our actual anniversary was on Sunday. Instead of going out on Sunday, I made a fancier dinner for us to enjoy at home. DH gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses and we exchanged gifts. It was pretty relaxing, but still nice. It was nice to not have any distractions and really just enjoy the time we had to spend with each other.

Although I didn't let myself dwell on it too much, this weekend also marked when we would have had a one year old child if it weren't for the m/c. HOWEVER, I have been doing so good at moving away from the what-ifs lately, and so it wasn't too hard. Of course I wonder how things would have been if we were celebrating a birthday, but it wasn't as painful as it could have been.


  1. Happy anniversary! I'm glad that you two enjoyed a wonderful weekend together, and I hope this next year of marriage brings exciting things.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love to celebrate our anniversary. It such a great time to just enjoy each other's company, and a great excuse to go out for a great meal.

    Its hard not to think about the what-ifs, but it sounds like you are doing great!. I hope this next year is a good one for you and DH.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a wonderful day together. Our anniversary's are usually pretty low-key too but we do try to go out somewhere just the two of us. So sorry to read of your m/c. Sending good luck for a great year ahead!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Ours is on a damn holiday this year, and if I use time off, I won't get paid the holiday pay :( What to do!!1

    Anywho, I like how laid back yours was :)

  5. Aww, sounds like a lovely anniversary. I'm so proud of you for being able to control the sad thoughts. That's so hard!! You should give me lessons! :)

  6. Happy Anniversary - it sounds perfect and quite romantic!