Friday, March 25, 2011


I got a letter in the mail yesterday stating that my integrated screening came back NORMAL!!! What a relief! Even though I wasn't super concerned that there would be any problems, there was still part of me that worried, especially because of my chromosome insertion. It is so good to know that Jumper is healthy!

We have our big anatomy u/s on April 12...I can't wait to see Jumper again in a few weeks!

Also - thanks for the comments from my post about my sister. I just really needed to vent to someone outside of the situation. It was a huge help to me to get those frustrations off of my chest. I still am frustrated with her behavior, but at least I feel like I could deal with it better now.


  1. Great news about the screening!!

  2. This is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't believe your anatomy scan is already scheduled. WOW!! It is going so fast. Easy to since it is not me. =) Are you going to do the 3 or 4D scan????


  3. I am so glad your screening came back normal! That must be a huge relief!

    I hope the anatomy scan goes well, too. :-)

  4. That's fantastic!! :-D