Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Survived Another Shower...Thank Goodness for Friends!

I went to a shower for my friend, B, this afternoon. I have mentioned B before...she is the friend that had a "surprise" pregnancy a month or so after making comments about how she would "kill herself if she got KU". She is the friend who has complained about the discomforts of pregnancy every chance she gets. She is the friend that got on my nerves before she was pg, but has been even more so since.

I went to the shower with three of my friends. One just had a baby in July (but also gets annoyed with B) and two others who have had problems TTC. I don't know what I would have done without these made the shower so much better. I swear every other girl there besides my two friends and me had either had a baby recently or was pg. One girl had the tiniest baby bump, but could not take her hands off her belly. After we left, my two friends commented on how "the preggies were coming out of the woodwork" today, and that trend seemed to continue while we went to the mall following the shower.

I am slowly getting better about not being so bitter around pg people and kids, but I still hate it when people take it for granted and complain about how hard it is. This is especially the case with B...she knows that we had a m/c, have struggled with IF, and are hoping to adopt. We have been trying to have a baby for longer than she has even been married, so it sucked to find out that she was able to get KU on accident. I don't mean to complain and whine, I just wish people that knew that someone was struggling with IF wouldn't rub their pg in their face. Thankfully, my two friends feel the same way with this issue, so it is nice to not be alone and have someone who understands/wants to get out of a baby shower as quickly as I do!


  1. Just wanted to send some (((HUGS))) from someone who also understands how hard it is not to be bitter.

    Congratulations on making it through the shower. So glad you have good friends to help you through it.

  2. Thank goodness for friends like that at a shower! Glad you are doing a bit better with it all! HUGS.

  3. So glad you had a couple of friends with you at the shower that get it...and you are brave anda good friend to go to the shower at all.

  4. good on you for going and surviving well! i've managed to dodge the last two baby showers around here. one was simply too hard and one conveniently clashed with a work thing. i'm glad you had good friends to go with too- that can make all the difference.