Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have had a little case of the nerves isn't that anything is going wrong; it is the day that I am approaching. It was two years ago today that I found out that our baby did not have a heartbeat. I was 9w 4d, which is just a little further ahead than I am now. Based on the last u/s, I am 9w 1 d, or if you go by my LMP, I will be 9 weeks tomorrow. How ironic is it that my dates are so close, and at the same time of year?

I definitely feel like things are going better than they did two years ago. I have been feeling more sick and I have noticed that I am getting a little "fuller" in my lower abdomen. It isn't anything that anybody but me would notice, but I know that wasn't there last time. I just get nervous that history will repeat itself. Added to that is that I don't go see my OB until February 10, which seems like a lifetime away! My RE didn't want to schedule any other appointments with me because he wanted me to f/u with the genetic counselor. I contacted the counselor, but the response has been slow. She finally called me back last Friday at 4:30, but I missed the call. I called her back and have yet to hear anything from her. At this rate, I will have my normal OB appointment before I ever get to even meet with her!


  1. Wow, the similarities in timing are almost spooky. I'm glad to hear that you feel some positive signs that things are different this time around. I'm really rooting for you! And I hope you get to see that genetic counselor soon!

  2. There's no way you're not going to feel nervous. It's a great sign that you feel different - and of course it's going to be so subtle that only you realise it. I know you're not going to worry (it's the mother in you that makes you worry!) but I hope you're able to cope fairly well, that darling J can distract you a bit, and you hear from the genetic counselor soon!

  3. I am so sorry. I know how the time leading up to your loss date is when you are pregnant is really unnerving. Just hang in there. Once you pass the loss date it gets easier. Slowly over the next few weeks you will find yourself becoming much more comfortable with the pregnancy. I promise, it just takes some distance from your loss date.

    I am looking forward hearing about your next appt.

    Praying for you,

  4. Oh, I can relate to that fear so very much! I can't believe your RE didn't offer you another ultrasound, though. It's going to be a long wait to your next appointment - I hope your OB is more willing to offer you an ultrasound to check in!

    Baby J is just the cutest thing ever! I bet he'll be a wonderful big brother!

  5. First, Baby J is absolutely the most handsome little thing ever!

    Second, congrats on your pregnancy!

    I can't imagine having your pregnancy timelines being so close together! Praying for peace as your pregnancy progresses! I'll be following along!


  6. yea, there's no way you're not going to feel nervous, esp with the dates lining up so eerily close. Hope you get your appointment set w/ the genetic counselor soon and things continue to go well.

  7. I don't blame you for you nerves, what a crazy coincidence!

    Your baby is beautiful btw!

  8. Those are good signs! I'm very hopeful for you and wishing you the best!

  9. First of all, ((hugs)) I know it must be frightful but so exciting. I am so happy for you. :-) I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Second of all, you were the best secret pal ever!! Thank you so much for everything. Feel free to share any advice on the adoption front. I'm freakin' out over my portfolio right now. :-) It is good to hear success stories. You rock!!