Friday, January 14, 2011

One Week Down

Well, I must admit that my first week back to work wasn't too bad. I did shed a few tears when I had to leave J on Monday, but it wasn't anything too crazy. I think that it has helped that I am working Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so I still get to spend every other day home with J. He is such a sweet and well-tempered baby, so it isn't like I feel a need for a break or anything like that. J is growing and developing so much right now, so I worry that I will miss something. For example, he is so close to laughing - we got him laughing a little bit last night, but what if when he really begins laughing, it is with my sister?

I am also hoping that I will be able to blog more now that I am back at work. I used to do most of my blogging on my lunch break, so maybe I can get into a good rhythm again and try to stay caught up with what is going on with everyone.

I feel like the first tri symptoms have definitely kicked in more - and I am NOT complaining. There has been much more nausea, a little bit of vomiting, and more fatigue. DH keeps telling me that I should complain to him, but I don't feel like I can. It isn't that I don't think he will listen or sympathize. It's the fact that I have been wanting to get pregnant for over two years and I have always said that I would be so grateful to be sick if that is what it took to have a baby. I still feel that way. I am SO grateful for this opportunity and I pray that it will last and this baby will keep growing and be healthy. And if being sick for a while is what it takes, then I will do it with a smile. I do worry that I can't make the most of the time I do have with J because I feel so tired or nauseas. I know that he won't remember and can't understand what is going on, but I just don't want him to miss out on anything, either.


  1. You are such a great mom. I am glad you are enjoying being pregnant. The first trimester does not last that long. Praying with you that this baby is one of your first miracle pregnancies.


  2. It's hard to go back to work but don't worry too much. You will have so many of your own special moments with J. How awesome you are experiencing lots of good pregnancy symptoms. Keeping fingers crossed for you all goes well :)