Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Home Study

We had our home study this morning, and it went really well! Our caseworker was seriously there for less than fifteen minutes. He just walked through each room in our house to make sure there were no dangers and had us show him our fire extinguisher. So, we are still on track to move forward and hopefully be approved by the beginning of August! Now, I just need to start focusing more on our collage and birth parent letter.

The letter to birth parents is what is holding me back the most. I want to be sincere, but I don't want to sound cheesy or say all of the cliche things. The caseworker that is going to be taking over with us should be calling us soon, so maybe she will have some suggestions.

Last night, I went to a bridal shower for DH's cousin's fiance. While I was there, the few people that knew we were looking into adoption started asking me about how the process was going for us. Soon, more and more people started to hear pieces of the conversation, and by the end of the shower, I think that pretty much everyone knew. I am okay with them knowing, especially since I am considering posting it on our family blog this week. It was really neat to see how excited everyone got when we told them. I honestly think that they were just as excited for us as if I had announced that I was KU. It made me really grateful to have such a supportive extended family and to be reassured that they will love my baby no matter what.


  1. I'm so glad that the home study went well and that everyone knows and is excited for you. I'm excited for you, too! Good luck writing the letter. Whatever you right, I'm sure it will be fabulous. :)

  2. Oh, I'm so glad the home study went so well! And what a wonderful family. How sweet that they were so supportive and encouraging.

  3. Of COURSE they will love your baby, no matter how you have it. I am so happy for you!