Friday, February 12, 2010

Let's Get Physical

This morning I went in for a physical with our normal family doctor. I figured that it couldn't hurt to make sure that from her perspective, I am healthy and well.

The appointment was pretty uneventful. She gave me plenty of time to ask any questions or express any concerns that I have. The pelvic pain that I have experienced for the last few cycles has been MIA this month, but she still wanted to know about it. She said that if it comes back, she wants to hear from me so that we can do an u/s. Her thought is that I probably had some large cyst(s) on my ovaries that hung around for a few months. I decided not to tell her that it has been over a year since the m/c and we have had no luck TTC. I figured that since I am already have an appointment with the RE, it wouldn't make much difference. At the end of the appointment, she ordered some basic blood work to make sure everything seems okay.

Although nothing too exciting happened, I feel like my check-up went really well. I am glad that she really took the time to listen to me and validated the concern I have had with my pelvic pain.

Speaking of pelvic pain, like I said it hasn't really shown up this cycle. I have maybe had a little twinge here or there, but nothing too exciting. My cervical mucous has also been more regular. Hopefully it is a good thing that it is more back to normal, but it just makes me a little nervous that one cycle can vary so much from the previous one.


  1. I hope your pelvic pain doesn't come back. I'm glad to hear your doctor was nice and listened to you, and that you are healthy :)
    p.s.- I am going to have that song stuck in my head all weekend! 'lets get physical, physical...'

  2. Hey Browniris! I think it sounds like good news about your pelvic pain, maybe if you are still concerned, talked to the RE? The blood work sounds good as well-be sure to let us know what crops up!!