Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Thoughts/Vent...

Last night, we got the word that DH's cousin will be moving out on Saturday! I am SO excited!!! Check the end of this post for a little background on the situation. Anyway, I was still feeling pretty stoked this morning when I got up this morning.

Since then, it has been one of those days. I feel like there has been too much baby talk for my liking. Earlier today, I got in a conversation with one of the nurses about kids and daycare. That led into the whole "when are you going to have a baby" conversation. I wasn't planning on going into all the details, but I pretty much ended up sharing our whole story about TTC and the m/c and how I am now going to a specialist. It sucked because I hate being in this situation and I wish that this wasn't my story. I wish that the question wasn't even asked because I already had a baby or was at least KU.

Shortly after that conversation, I was back in my office and I overheard another coworker tell our boss "To expect her throwing up a lot because she is pregnant". Sweet. She already has kids (her youngest is 6) and I am happy for her, but I just wasn't in the mood to hear it. I want to be the one to say that I am nauseated because I am KU!

I have started to get a little nervous about my appointment with the RE next week. My friend that gave me the referral assured me that the whole office is great. I guess I get nervous that they will question why I am going when I haven't had too much preliminary testing. All we have done so far is the S/A and the HSG. I guess I just have to keep telling myself that we are going for a consultation/second opinion and that all these doctors want to do is help me get KU. I just hate stressing over something that is probably not that big of a deal.

Vent over. Time to buck up and get back to life!


  1. Try not to worry! The first appointment really is just to get your background and to start discussing options. They will order any tests they feel are necessary. Even if you had other tests (bloodwork, ultrasounds, etc), they likely would have re-ordered them anyway (at least they did with me). The fact that you have had the S/A and the HSG is a great start!

    Don't stress, everything will work out and I'm sure everyone will be very helpful and understanding! They'd have to be to deal with women on mass hormones everyday!!

  2. The HSG is the hardest part! So, yay!

    It'll be fine. It's great you're taking this step and you'll feel a lot better feeling like you're being more pro-active about it (or at least that's how we felt).

    Let us know how it goes. Hugs!

  3. I had to go to the RE just to get an HSG. My regular ob/gyn would only do an SA, and then wrote the referral to the RE. So don't worry that you haven't done what you think is "enough testing." You've already had more than I had at your stage of the game (intro to RE). Good luck with your upcoming appt.

  4. Blah. I hate those conversations. Baby hell.

    I was scared and nervous before my RE visit. I should have listened to everyone that it would be just fine. She is wonderful and the first visit was easy!

  5. All that testing is exactly what the RE is for! Although I understand it's hard not to, don't worry too much about it. Most of us walk in there having done no testing at all. That was certainly the case for me. They expect it. Hopefully you will click with them and walk away feeling much better about everything.

    Best Wishes!

  6. Visiting from ICLW. Ugh, I'm so very sorry about all the pregnancy talk at work. We have a preggo in my office and everyone is always talking to her about it...and...well...crrrrrrry! It hurts my heart!

    I think the RE will be 110% understanding about why you are there. And you're right, they are in the biz of helping women get pregnant. You're going to the right place! :)

  7. I echo everyone else- I think the RE will be a great decision! It was the best decision I made! I went after only 4 months of TTC because in that 4 months I had one period. I didn't know what was wrong but you know your body and don't worry about it- most of them are so wanting to help and willing to answer any questions, it will definitely be worth it!! Good luck, I will be thinking about you!

  8. I know what you mean about feeling like they are going to wonder why you are there. I feel that way everytime I schedule a Dr appointment. I hate going in there whining about what is going on and feeling like they think I am stupid. Everything will be great, I need your update so that when I plan my visit in 3 months I will know what to expect.