Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CD 3

Well, AF showed up Sunday evening, but that wasn't really a big surprise. I have been trying to be more positive about the whole TTC experience lately, so here are a few reasons why I am okay with having another cycle:
  1. My BBT finally went down - it has run higher than normal this whole past cycle, but I think it is finally going back to normal. At least now I am not as hot at night.
  2. I should be approaching O when I go in for my physical, which means I will have tons of pelvic pain to talk with my doctor about. Comment: I know that O pain is good, but what I have been experiencing in the 14 days around O is not normal.
  3. I should O right around Valentine's Day, which means I can kill two birds with one stone.

I think that three reasons is good enough. I don't want to go overboard on being happy that we are still TTC, right?

Last night I had a dream that I had just given birth to twin baby girls. It is not necessarily uncommon for me to have dreams about having a baby, but I usually get them during the 2ww. Unfortunately, DH woke me up right when they were bringing my babies back to me because our dog had puked on him and the blanket. Argh! After changing the sheets, I went back to bed hoping that the dream would continue, but it didn't. I just remember that I felt SO incredibly happy in that dream. It was like I had realized all of the pain and frustration of getting KU and then carrying them had finally produced these little miracles that were mine.


  1. I love your #3! Sorry you are onto another cycle, but sounds like you are staying positive! I hope this turns into your BFP cycle :)

  2. Way to stay positive, love it! And I hate the baby dreams, just because you have to wake up to reality...ugh! I totally get them during my tww two, they haunt me I swear! Good luck this cycle!!!

  3. Good for you for being so positive. Glad you had a moment of happiness in your dream. They say that dreams comes true... I just supposed it's a matter of WHEN. If you find out the answer to that one, please let me know. ;o) Still crossing my fingers for that BFP.

  4. I love those types of dreams but they are hard to let go of, aren't they. I'm with the other commenters-am so proud of you for being positive. Hope your doctor listens carefully and suggests a helpful course of action.
    Yay for Valentine's Day O!!! Are you going to share the menu with us?