Sunday, February 28, 2010

Unofficial Results

My insurance offers a service where members can look up some of their health information online. You can basically access labs, test results, and things like that. Since I hadn't heard from my doctor yet, I decided to check and see if Friday's u/s was posted. It was...

Basically, my results said that everything looked normal. My uterus is normal in size and appearance, measuring 8.8cm long. My left ovary is 3.4x1.7x3.3 cm and the right is 3.4x2.0x4.9 cm. They couldn't see anything that would cause a problem.

I know that I should be grateful that everything looks okay, but at the same time it is a little frustrating. Part of me wishes I had just waited until the pain was bad again. I wish that I had a clue as to what is going on with my body, but I just feel like I am left with more questions than answers. If there isn't anything wrong down there, why does it hurt so bad? I feel like there has to be a reason, and I know it isn't just in my head.

On another note, I have a feeling that AF will be here any day now. I have been feeling really crampy today. Oh...and DH's cousin is still here. Nope, he didn't move out yesterday like he was planning on. Instead he broke one of my barstools and his fiance broke one of my dishes. I have lost all patience, which makes me feel bad, because I am normally not that type of person.

Anyway...hopefully I can start feeling better about our progress and get some answers this week.


  1. Sorry about the crampy feeling, I'm experiencing that myself right now and it sucks!!! And I so know what you mean, when every test you take comes back's like than why aren't I preggers?!? It's so frustrating. I would definitely explain your concern with the pain with the Dr, maybe he'll have you come back, hang in there!

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  3. Hey Browniris
    I know how frustrating this can feel. The year before my ectopic I landed in the emergency room with severe pelvic pain. Nothing was found. Fast forward and obviously my lap provided some answers, unfortunately what I had could not be diagnosed by u/s. Not saying you have the same thing, just that I understand the frustration of not getting a diagnosis. Ask everything you can think of to your RE so you get more info!!