Monday, May 24, 2010

CD 2

Today is CD 2, and I am trying to decide what I really want to do about this cycle. Last week, DH said that he wants to keep trying this month, and I am totally fine with that. But, how much effort do I want to invest?

Obviously we will try and time our BD appropriately, but I am not sure how much more than that I want to do. I am not going to monitor my temps again this month and I am not using my CBEFM. I have two OPKS left from last cycle, so I am trying to decide if I should buy more or just hope that I can get lucky using two. My other dilemma is with Clomid. I have one refill left on my prescription and it is only about $8 to get it filled. As far as my RE is concerned, I am guessing that he is assuming I won't take it since we have found out about the chromosome issue, so I wouldn't plan on calling for a monitoring appointment. Part of me thinks that I should just go ahead and get the Clomid filled, while another part thinks that I will just be causing myself unnecessary stress and wasting my time. Clomid hasn't ever really caused me too bad of side effects...I hate how I let myself stress out over nothing.

I am guessing that I will probably end up refilling my Clomid, not buying more OPKs, and then just relying on the two I have plus my own wisdom of when we should BD. Anyone have any thoughts? I am sure that it won't really matter and I will be in this same position next month, still worrying over nothing.


  1. I am sorry. Why o' why does this have to be hard, emotionally & physically ...why?


  2. Good luck--with whatever you choose!

  3. Thinking of you hun, I'd probably give it one last go with the clomid as well...even though I hated being on it!! Good luck this month!

  4. I think what you have planned sounds sensible to me. I was reading back over your previous entries and I'm sorry to hear about your chromosomal problems. I have a predisposition to trisomies, my son died of T18 but he had a double aneuploidy meaning he had not one but two extra chromosomes and that there is a "serious degradation" in the process for me to conceive. I have just done IVF with donor eggs and had success (though it's still early days) have you considered that option?

    Best of luck xxx