Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Enjoying the "Break"

I'm not taking a break from TTC, but I am taking a break from BBT. AF arrived yesterday afternoon, so today was my first "break" day. Maybe this wouldn't seem like such a big deal to most people, but it was SO nice to be able to get up this morning without having to worry about what my temperature was and whether I was checking it at the right time. I am also taking a break from the CBEFM and trying a regular old OPK instead. Once again, it was so nice to not have to worry about that. It has been at least a year since I have been able to get up in the morning without having to worry about checking my temp or using the CBEFM. I feel so FREE!

The plan is to start taking Clomid 50mg again tomorrow. There is a small chance that we will try IUI this cycle, but I don't think the timing will work out. We are going out of town on CD 13, which I am assuming would be too early for an IUI, right? Plus, depending on the test results, that could all be irrelevant and go out the window, anyway.

For the meanwhile, I am just enjoying my less restrictive cycle and hoping that this could be our month. I am feeling more optimistic than normal this time...not really sure why. Normally, I always have this "I'm just not feeling it" feeling in my gut, but now I am more excited. Maybe it is the Clomid, or maybe it is the fact that we are going on vacation. But for a change, it is nice to feel optimistic and hopeful, rather than like I am just going through the motions.

On another note, I got the sweetest e-mail from DH's younger brother yesterday. His brother, T, is living out of the country right now, so he tries to send a weekly e-mail to all of the family to keep us updated on his life. In yesterday's e-mail he included a little note for DH and me which basically said that he wanted us to know that he is praying for us and our kid situation every night and that he believes it will happen for us. I thought it was really sweet that a 20 year old kid would not only be doing that, but also send me that note. It was so thoughtful and encouraging to remember that we aren't in this alone. Not only are there so many other couples in this situation, but our family is so supportive and are our biggest cheerleaders.


  1. Enjoy your break from temping!

    Very sweet about DH's brother. I think it's awesome he does that and he told you that he does. You have great in-laws.

  2. good luck with this cycle! and so sweet of your brother in law! He sounds like he has great perspective, especially for a 20 year old! (Can't believe I'm actually saying that... makes ME seem so old all of a sudden!!) :)

  3. Awesome BIL - so sweet! And enjoy no more BBT. I hated doing that and trying to interpret. Good luck!

  4. I love not temping. I am on a forced break (which blows) but I don't miss the daily routine of taking and obsessing over my temprature.
    I hope your "good feeling" pans out.

  5. Awww, you BIL is the best...that is so thoughtful!! And enjoy your break, I remember when I finally gave up temping and sleeping in that first morning was amazing!!

  6. I agree, it was such a relief to stop the BBT! We'll have to all look back at this and laugh at all the things we tried before having our children. :)

    Such a sweet BIL, how nice. I too love it when our family shows us that support, it makes everything so much easier.