Monday, April 12, 2010

Monitoring Appointment

I had my monitoring appointment for my first Clomid cycle last Friday. Everything went really well. My doctor wasn't in, so I saw another RE in the office. He was really helpful. He told me that he could see two follies and that it *appeared* that I was ovulating right around the appointment time. Apparently there was quite a bit of fluid that he could see on the u/s that indicated O? He told me to make sure we "try to get pg" for the next four days and then I will either by KU or AF will come.

The frustrating thing is that my CBEFM still hasn't shown a peak. It never peaked last month, so this could be the second month in a row that it missed it. I guess it is possible I still haven't O'd yet...but I think that I did. My O pains have gone away and I haven't had as much EWCM. My temps haven't been really conclusive, but I also got up super early this morning, so I don't feel that today's was super accurate. So, while I am hoping that the Clomid works this time and I end up KU, I am also thinking about trying an OPK in addition to the CBEFM. I have heard the Clear Blue Easy OPKs are good, but does anyone have any recommendations?

So yesterday during church our Bishop got up and started talking about how he and his wife have struggled with IF. He said that they got their twins through IVF (which I knew) and that there other daughter was a miracle baby. He talked about how they would really like to have a fourth child, and that the process of going through IF has really taught him and his wife about how aware God is of their family. Of course I ended up crying, but I thought it was kind of cool how he would be so open and talk about this struggle. A few minutes later, another lady got up and talked about how she gave birth a few weeks ago to her son who had died in-utero. At that point, I got really choked up and started crying even more. I don't really know this person (I just know who she is), but it struck me about how common of a problem having children is. Most of us grow up thinking that we will be able to have as many babies as we want and that they will come when we want them. Instead, so many of us are faced with this doesn't discriminate.


  1. The only opk's I have used are CVS brand strips. They're about $18 for 20strips and you just dip them in the urine. I have never had a postive but I don't think the clomid made me O this cycle so that's why. I am getting strips in the mail anyday now for the CBEFM so I will start that this coming cycle. The thing I don't understand is all the other opks say to NOT do one with first morning urine because LH doesn't synthesize until later in the day but the monitor says to use FMU so I don't know...

    Sorry I just rambled and didn't help!

  2. Catching up!!
    So glad the genetic testing got approved, that is fantastic. I'm so glad the counselor knew how to get it through for you!!
    I never use OPK's as they just don't work for me, but I have heard good things about CBE. A good friend of mine uses them. I just track my CM and it gives me a pretty good idea when.
    That story about your Bishop was amazing. That was really courageous of him to get up and share all of that. My heart goes out to that woman who lost her baby in utero as well. It does help to know that you are not alone in all this-and trust me, you aren't. Fingers crossed this is your cycle!!

  3. Hmmm, that is frustrating about the lack of peak...but hopefully you got busy all weekend and will hit one or both of those follies!!! Fingers crossed for you! And I used ClearBlue digital ovulation tests, the kind with the smiley face and really liked them. I would say it couldn't hurt?