Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CD 6

As a continuation from yesterday's post, my two newly pg friends seem to never stop asking me questions about what is normal to experience during pregnancy, what to look for in a miscarriage, etc. While I am happy for them, I don't want to continue being their walking encyclopedia of everything pg-related. I know that I need to come up with a nice way to ask them to stop, but I haven't decided how to word it yet. I went online to the bump and asked the TTCAL ladies for some suggestions...hopefully that will help.

As a side note, today is CD 6. This is always an interesting time in the cycle for me because I am at that stage where I am over the frustration of seeing AF arrive and am somewhat hopeful for the upcoming cycle. Last night, DH asked me when it was time for us to "go to work" this month. I told him that "game day" should be next week, so it never hurts to practice. I am lucky that DH is so supportive through this!

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