Thursday, December 31, 2009

Health Scares

Yesterday was a stressful day!

Things started at about 2:00 AM when I woke up because my phone had a text message. I saw the text was from my cousin and in my half-sleep mind, decided to go back to bed without checking it. When I got up later to get ready for work, I had completely forgotten about the text. I rushed out the door to try and get to work without too many problems, since it was snowing fairly heavily. When I was driving to work, I got a call from my mom. Since it was snowing and the roads were slick, I decided that I would just call her back when I made it in. When I finally listened to my mom's voicemail and checked my cousin's text, I learned that my grandmother had fallen in the night and shattered her shoulder. While it is bad for anyone to break their shoulder, it is especially bad for my grandma because she has mild dementia, and something like this could make it a lot worse.

Later that afternoon, I decided to call DH to figure out what our plans were for the night. My FIL had given us tickets to see a play, but I wasn't sure if DH still wanted to go because of the snow and we would have to drive up the canyon to see it. DH didn't answer his desk phone, so I decided to try his cell. Usually, I would just leave a message and call it good without calling another number, but I am glad that I called his cell this time! When DH finally picked up, he said that he was going to the hospital because he was feeling really dizzy and having some heart palpitations. I left work early so that I could be with him while he was in the ER. DH is diabetic and ever since he had some blood work done a few weeks ago which showed he needs to step up his diet/exercise, he has been paranoid that something bad will happen.

Fortunately, everything with DH and my grandma turned out okay. My grandma needed a total shoulder replacement, but her surgery went really well. The ER said that DH might have felt dizzy from his blood sugar, and that there was nothing suggesting that he was experiencing any heart problems. They thought that his chest pain could have been from the exercise he started doing this past week. He gets to follow-up with his doctor on Monday, but at least everything turned out okay!

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