Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Did Pretty Well

Last night, DH and I had our good friends over. We have a good group of friends, but there are two couples, the S's and the O's. who we spend time with pretty regularly. We went to dinner and then the girls all made a craft while the boys had the ultimate Xbox experience. Seriously...we had three TVs lined up in my family room so that each guy could have his own TV while they played online together. I usually look forward to these kind of nights. We have so much fun with them and I am always up for doing a craft with the ladies. However, I was a little bit nervous about how much fun I was going to have, seeing as these are my two friends that both had BFPs on their first cycle TTC. Granted, the S's lost their baby, but the O's haven't and her due date is just a week or two before my baby would have been born. Although they aren't really telling many people that they are KU, she will still make comments about how "her boobs hurt" or she "has to unbutton her pants because she just feels so bloated". It is always hard to hear.

Fortunately, the evening went pretty well. She didn't talk about her pg too much, and when it did come up, I was okay with it. I don't know if she finally realized that it is hard for us to here her talk about it with both the S's and me having a loss, but it was better than it has been in previous weeks. I have been trying really hard to be happy for her. It's not like I want anything to go wrong with her pg, but I just wish that I was in that situation again. I try not to think about it, but it sucks that she got something so easily when they just figured it was time to start trying, meanwhile DH and I have been trying for over a year. I realize that we all have our own issues and trials to work through, but the crappy thing about TTC is that it seems to be always in your face.

Anyway, enough with my rambling. I am hoping that things will continue to be better and I won't dread hanging around the O's. I guess things could change if the S's are able to get KU again quickly, but we'll see what happens.

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