Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My temp registered at 98.2 this morning, which is typically a bit elevated from where I am before O. However, when I look at my chart, it seems like my temps are just all over the place. I don't know what to think this month. I still haven't seen a peak on the CBEFM, but is there any chance it could have missed it? I still have some EWCM, but not as much as there was a few days ago. I suppose I just need to hang in there, try not to stress, and keep BD.


  1. I wish I knew more about temping or the monitor but I don't. If your question was about OPKs I would be all over it. I will be thinking of you and hoping that you catch that egg!

  2. I feel for you because temping can be so confusing..... I like your plan though; less stress and lots of BD! Hopefully that ensures you won't miss O!