Thursday, March 25, 2010


As you can see, I'm feeling a bit frustrated. This morning, I received the following e-mail from the genetics counselor we have been working with:

"Sorry this is taking so long. It usually doesn't. I just got a phone call from the insurance saying that they are denying coverage, which is really unusual. I am going to go ahead and start the appeal process (If that is ok with you). Usually that means that I have to talk with the reviewer directly. I am back in the office on Monday, so hopefully I can get someone next week. They have some new reviewers and I'm a little concerned because I have had a couple of patients who in the past we have gotten approval for that I am really having to fight for. Sorry! But I'll keep trying."

Really??? Why are we the couple that had to get the new guy and ended up not getting approval??? I just want to get this test over with so that I can move on with things. Hopefully we will get an approval after the appeal, but who knows how long that will take. We have been working on this since the beginning of March!

Once again, I am also feeling frustrated with fertility friend. When I plugged in my temp this morning, it moved my O date from CD 12 to CD 19. WTF?!?! Like it matters anyway...I am starting to feel bloated and crampy. My guess is AF will make her appearance this weekend.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the well wishes :) Sorry to hear things are so frustrating lately! Insurance hassles are the worst, can't that stuff ever just be easy? Sending positive vibes that things get less stressful for you soon!

    ICLW #134

  2. I'm sorry about the bad news about the insurance coverage. Hopefully it can get worked out soon. Also, I peeked at your chart and I'm not sure that I agree with FF moving your O date. Don't sweat over it.


  3. How maddening! I'm sorry y'all got stuck with the idiot at the insurance company. Good luck with your appeal.

    ~ICLW #31

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and happy ICLW! Insurance companies are the WORST! Unfortunately, my insurance plan dropped all fertility coverage a year ago. It sucks paying for everything, but I do NOT miss dealing with it all. Good luck with everything!

  5. Ohhhhh no! I am sorry you are dealing with all this, hopefully they are able to get it fixed soon!

  6. Terrible! I hope they get this fixed for you. I'm sorry you have even more things to stress you out.

    P.S.- If it makes you feel any better I just wanted you to know that I'm your Secret Pal. I'm glad you liked your gift.

  7. Ugh, that is super frustrating...I hope the appeal process goes in your favor. Like we don't have enough to deal with on a daily basis...geez!!

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog :) I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with the insurance. I hope everything works out with the appeal process and it doesn't take too long.

    Be careful with that Stress Reduction Kit ;)

  9. I'm so sorry that you're having a hard time getting the results back. I had a m/c in December and I was so stressed out in the 4 weeks it took to get the results, so I can't imagine having to wait as long as you have!

    Best of luck getting it figured out, and with this new cycle!

  10. So sorry for the companies can be such bastards! Hope you get good news very soon!


  11. Oh, I used to yell at Fertility Friend too! So sorry! Hope the insurance situation gets worked out quickly.
    Happy ICLW.